Our Correspondent

The Correspondent and founder of the school Mr. R.V.S. Marimuthu is a perfect example to be emulated due to his virtues attributes and his contribution to serve the society.

A proud successful businessman who had managed 2 Textile mills and served as a chairman of “All India Wind Mill Manufacturers Association” for 3 years. He had served RSS as a “State President” for 15 years.

During his tenure was highly instrumental in conducting lot of social service activity and welfare measures to the community. A highly patriotic person founded the “Keshav Vidhya Mandir Matriculation Higher Secondary School” to imbibe patriotism and to develop our culture and heritage to the student community. Value education at affordable cost is what keshav matriculation school strives for our correspondent believes in “Serve before Self”.


Correspondent Message

I am highly honoured and blessed to run an educational institution for my young student community.

Patriotism is one of the best qualities one can have patriotism does not only mean struggling for the freedom of one’s country it also includes the honest feeling and true love for the country and society which can be the Values, Morales, Culture and true love for our country and society which can be brought through value based education.

I would just like to tell you that the feeling of patriotism is high there with in us. The scope of patriotism includes building a greet educational system that enables our country to march ahead on the path of progress.

“Bharat Mata Ki Jai”