About Keshav Vidhya Mandir

Keshav Vidhya Mandir is the temple of knowledge and the reason for the transformation of a million lives, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The school was originally started as Swami Chidbhavanada Matriculation School named after Swami Chidbhavananda in 1987. Later in 1997, the school was named as Keshav Vidhya Mandir MHSS to perpetuate the memory of Poojania Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, the founder of Raashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangam.

Though it is 45 teachers and 1000 students in our family of KVM. It is our dream “ Transforming Indians to Transform India”, i.e. “BHARATH”.


When the world and media is focusing on the harassment done on children mentally and psychologically towards gaining marks, we, in Keshav Vidhya Mandir do things differently, focusing on value based education which ultimately brings higher marks and percentage with happy learning methodology. Our teaching frame work differs from the rest in the world in manifold ways. We see every child to be special and potentially powerful.

Being a Swadeshi school, we impact rich Indian Heritage and a value based education to every child, to unleash his true capability. It is not flattery- but-fact, every child completes the edu0/85 cation from Keshav Vidhya Mandir goes out of school not just yet another person, but as a Golden-Valued person for the family, society and for the nation. That is all about the VALUE BASED EDUCATION FRAMEWORK of our school.